answer to a nightmare!

We have three cats. After moving to a new house, two of the cats began marking the new house. Then, one of the cats developed cystitis! I tried many, many options. The Feliway diffuser is amazing. My cats are calm and happy once again. I am trying the spray to get rid of the marking for good. We will see what happens, but at least now I am hopeful!

5 stars***** ++++ It actually works.

My cat decided to urinate on my lazyboy couches!!! I used the electric diffuser, the comfort zone spray and the ickey poo spray. It worked great. I had to be diligent just like potty training a child, but the cat stopped marking in places he was not allowed. I would highly recommend these products.


When I introduced 2 new cats to my 2 original cats the originals morphed into Bad Cats, ambushing the new cats at every turn, attempting to keep the new cats from getting food, water, and any kind of love or attention for us people. My supervisor recommended Feliway and within 2 weeks a harmonious cat culture began to emerger in our home! We still had some mischief and irritation displayed by the original cats but it was mild and actually funny! I know right away when one of the diffusers needs refilled because the cats get a "frown face" and they become "fussy" and slightly irritated with eachother. YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS PRODUCT!!!


We've been trying this for about 3 weeks now. There has been an improvement (less spraying) but its not completely resolved. Will probably try the spray in conjunction with this.

Feliway is a magic potion.

I volunteer at a no-kill shelter and started using the Feliway diffuser in our communal cat room about 3 months ago. This room houses up to 40 cats and can be a very stressful place for them, especially when they first come into the shelter. I could tell as soon as I plugged it in that it had a positive effect on the cats. They were much calmer and became more receptive to socialization. I can tell just by observing them when it is time to put in a refill. Anything that makes it easier for the cats is a great product, in my opinion, and this does make their life better.

So glad I found this product

My cat was suffering from terrible anxiety after making several moves and changes in her environment. She began to act out by urinating all over the furnature, most often my bed! This product is AMAZING. She is like a totally different cat...her entire disposition has changed. I highly recommend this product. Very well worth the investment.

Cat Problem

I did not find this product when my cat started his problem. So far it may have helped some. Maybe his habits are formed or he's a slow learner. I'm using both the spray and diffuser and hope it gets better.

Helps 2 Female Cats

Has reduced urine spraying outside litter boxes and carpet when a younger female cat in similar personality (shy) was added to the home. Used the collar as well but the smell bothered the cat, the diffuser is less intrusive.

Not worth the money

This product did nothing for my cats! I basically blew $53 for 2 diffusers and nothing changed. I added a new kitty to my household of 2 and needed a calming agent for them. In short, this product was a waste of money and I would bear in mind that not all these products work as they proclaim. Buyer beware! I was very dissatisfied!

Better than I ever expected

I recently adopted a 5 year old female cat who was severly beaten to the point where her eye was poked out. She is terrified of everyone. She would hide under the bed and was in a constant state of panic. Well out of despiration I tried the Feliway Electric diffuser. About 10 days after I plugged it in she was actually sleeping on top of the bed! I have been using this product for about 5 weeks and the cat is no longer terrified. She actually greets me in the hallway as I come upstairs to the bedrooms. Her tail is up and she meows at me. Sara has also started to play with her toys. She is no longer afraid of me and I am quite certain that within a few months she will allow me to pick her up. I am so grateful for this product and so is my cat. I know that a cat with this background has little or no chance at a normal happy life, but now I know that my cat is very happy and continues to improve. Thank you so much.